Sunday, May 3, 2009

Project Reality


  I’m not sure on how many of you are or were huge Battle Field 2 fans / gamers? But I stumbled across a really cool mod that goes by the name Project Reality.
I have been playing it for over a week now and enjoy the team work that it takes to succeed in winning.
But like most things in life it has a lot of bugs that need to be addressed like random memory crashes etc. But it is still worth the big ass download to give it a try.
The site is Here..

Project Reality is a free to download game modification for the Battlefield 2 (BF2) retail windows game. The Reality Mod installs alongside the existing game installation allowing both the original game and Project Reality to be played separately without causing conflicts.

The Mod developers aims are to rework the original game engine developed by Digital Illusions of Sweden (Dice) within legal and feasible constraints to create a more realistic combat environment for the gaming community. This includes adjusting various game play elements including physics, visual effects and overall game play formats. Along with changes to how the game handles, the PR team has been introducing British and Insurgent factions, plus a number of community assisted factions are currently in the works to introduce Canadian, Russian and IDF forces to the virtual battlefields.

Project Reality has won second place two years running in annual Mod of the Year competition. The competition is the definitive event that showcases the best mods and indie games in the world and recognizes the teams behind them.

The Project Reality team comprises a group of dedicated individuals, several of whom have backgrounds in armed services and whose sole task is to provide researched material, including statistical information to the developers. These are in turn tasked with coding and creating the mod itself. If you are looking for a fact based first person shooter from the perspective of a combat soldier, we feel Project Reality will provide for your gaming needs.


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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

PS3 and Wii = Netflix anyone?


  Looks like everyone’s favorite online movie provider may be coming to a PS3 or Wii near you.
I think the developers of the gaming consoles are turning up the heat on incorporating the Netflix experience that will bring the latest movie delivery technology into our consoles.
From a consumers standpoint, Netflix is a no brainer for the PS3 even though Sony already has a existing video offering. Take a look at Microsoft for example, they still offer certain TV shows apart from the Netflix service and it all works out.

I’m not sure how the Wii will hold up considering it only supports 480p EDTV output. I hope all 23 million U.S. owners are fine with the SDTV streams.
So forget about High definition Wii fans and besides there is more to grapple with per the Wii’s MIA hard drive.

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Friday, April 10, 2009

Next-Gen Consoles Beware.

  It looks as if Crytek is ready to take on the world with CryEngine 3. I guess the game engine will be able to tackle whatever technology next generation has in store for them.
While game developers are comfortable working with current generation consoles as it stands. Crytek says, “Bring it on!”.

It has been rumored that starting 2011 and so on we the public will probably be seeing next gen consoles hitting our stores. And Crytek cannot afford to get caught with their pants down. Considering it takes many years to build a triple A title.

CEO Cevat Yerli stated that they are going to push the boundaries of the Crytek engine so they will not be hindered with in development by the arrival of new consoles.
Crytek will stay ahead of the rat race by continuing enhancements to their game engine.
When a game engine is designed for a certain console, you develop for that console but once the next gen consoles arrive then a new game engine will need to be redesigned for that particular hardware.

With PC experience only, Crytek has a bright future and maybe one day come out with a console game of their own having much success due to a studio already preparing for the next generation.

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Thursday, April 9, 2009

PSP2 - Rumored to be out by next Christmas.


    Photo Source: BluezPS

  Looks like if true that Sony has made plans to come out with a new hand held game system by next Christmas. The name has not been introduced yet but some say that it could be named PSP2 or PSP 4000, who knows.

It has been speculated that Sony accelerated the development on the new device after the success of iPhone and the arrival of the Nintendo DSi. 
Nothing official has been announced from Sony, but I have a sneaking feeling that they will announce something at the E3 conference in June.
And at that time it is possible that Sony will announce the release date as well. I think it is about time Sony decided to introduce a new design with much needed features.
Here is a list of things to expect:

    A bigger screen.
    Faster loading times.
    A touch screen.
    Built in camera.
    8 GB of internal flash memory.
    Improved button configuration.
    No UMD drive.
    Dual-analog thumb sticks.
    Sliding screen.

Another feature I would like to see would be phone capabilities.

Stay tuned..

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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Why not fix the YLOD on your PlayStation 3, here’s how.


  If your one of those unfortunate PlayStation 3 gamers out there and you have been playing for a few hours already. All of a sudden the T.V. screen goes black and the once was blue and green light has now turned in to the dreaded blinking yellow/red light.

You have just become a victim of the YLOD (Yellow Light Of Death) and it could stem from a number of reasons:

    Over heating of the CPU or GPU. <--- 99% of the time.
    Over heated faulty PSU (Power supply unit).
    Faulty hard drive.

Now you have several options at this point:

    Ship to Sony to have it fixed. (No warranty = $150)
    Fix it yourself.
    Or convert your PS3 into a George Foreman Grill.

If you decide to fix the unit yourself due to not having the money to shell out to Sony, we have a solution for you.
Below is a couple of videos made by djwhetzel of YouTube.

He has a two part video of which I will display for you here, he does a very nice job at demostraighting on how to take the PS3 apart and how to fix it. So if you have a PS3 and it works fine and all is bliss, I would still reconmend adding his video to favorites for future reference incase such measures might have to be taken with your PS3.

Part 1


Part 2


Here is a link to a written guide by a gentlemen that goes by the name gilksy in PDF format: Click Here !
Now if you can get access to a thermo compound called, “Arctic Silver”. You would be better off using that instead, you can typically find that at your local computer distributor or online somewhere.

If your interested on knowing exactly how “Reflowing Soldering”, works then check out this link Here.

This concludes another blog from your average Joe.

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Monday, April 6, 2009

Ubisoft Assassin's Creed 2 is starting to make headlines around the net.


On February 24, 2009, tipsters who were involved in a Ubisoft focus group reported to Joystiq that they were shown early footage of the sequel that appeared to indicate that that the game takes place in 15th century Italy with an Italian protagonist, similar in appearance to Altaïr but more colorful, named Ezio. Game play updates include abilities to swim and the use of gunpowder. The game is expected to be released by March 2010.

This is really good news concidering the first edition was simply awesome, a little repetative here and there but overall it was
really nice as far as game play and storylines went.

A teaser site has appeared for Assassin's Creed 2, along with a host of clues about the future of the franchise.

You have just been fed.

Joe ;)

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